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The court office seals and issues a certificate of decree absolute.Sometimes, however, the Petitioner refuses to apply.Perhaps emotionally, it seems a step too far, too soon – and the Petitioner, despite having initiated the process, cannot bring him self or herself to take the final step.So the Respondent may also apply, three months after the earliest date that the Petitioner could have done so, and that application too is usually a formality.When one has got an absolute lead-pipe cinch, it's two to one against its coming off.This invention gives the desired result with absolute certainty.

In some cases there is, in fact, a rush to decree absolute.

Applying for the decree absolute It is a straightforward process to obtain a decree absolute.

A single sheet application in a standard form is signed and handed in to the court office, together with a fee of £40.

The parties are still able to change their minds about getting divorced.

That is why it is called : the Latin term for “unless.” There is a six week and one day minimum mandatory period between grant of decree nisi and decree absolute, so that if the couple do want to change their minds, they will remain married. I have one client who has twice obtained decree nisi from her husband, only to backtrack from the point at which the divorce was to be finalised.

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