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"is pleased to share that its parent company, Laudisi Enterprises, will acquire Kapp & Peterson, Ltd., specifically the Peterson pipe factory in Sallynoggin and the Peterson of Dublin shop on Nassau Street." In the following Blog Post, Sykes Wilford, President and CEO of Laudisi Enterprises, reflects upon the acquisition and what it means for the two brands. Peterson website The Peterson brand of pipes are one of the most recognised in the world.

Today the business is owned and managed by Tom Palmer from their head office at the Sallynoggin factory in Dublin, Ireland.

This was a turbulent period for the company with the outbreak of World war 1 and the start of the Easter uprising in 1916.

The K&P shop was extensively damaged during the military action at this time ( see attached newspaper report).

They have been manufacturing pipes as a business in Ireland since the 19th century.

The Irish free state came into being in December 1922. Peterson followed with a stamp of "Irish Free State" in either one or two lines, either parallel or perpendicular to the shanks axis and extremely close to the stem. Eventually the Irish people voted for a new constitution in 1937 and Ireland then formally became Eire (Ireland in Irish).

The Made in Eire era stamps were from 1938 through till 1941.

He was awarded patent number 12393 on the 16th of June 1891 for Great Britain and Ireland. 1900 K & P exhibited with great success at the Paris International exhibition winning several gold medals and accolades for the quality of their pipes.

This came to be known as the famous 'System Pipe' patent. Fredrick Henry Kapp, son of Alfred and known as Harry, joined his father's business in 1914 at the outbreak of the first World War.

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