Accomodating resistance

Enter accommodating resistance that incorporates the use of bands or chains on the barbell.

By making certain parts of the rep more challenging, you’re teaching your body to exert maximal force throughout the rep.

Compared with the way that many train though, powerlifting seems like an improvement.

The three competitive lifts: the bench press, the squat, and the dead-lift, rank among the best exercises to build size and strength.

Many trainees apply advice on form suited only for those that use support gear.

Some adopt ultra-wide grips and stances that up the poundage yet harm the joints and develop the muscles unevenly.

Bands create more tension as they continue to stretch, achieving the same effect.

The big assumption here is that changing the strength curve, or how heavy the weight feels throughout the range of motion, from what naturally occurs with free weights is the right step. Accommodating resistance brings problems due to these reasons.

This type of movement should occur on all three powerlifts.“We want (athletes) to accelerate all the way through the range of motion,” Sweatt says.5min 45sec Additional reading: Cross Fit Strength Training by Louie Simmons, published Feb. Join Shane Sweatt and Laura Phelps-Sweatt of Westside Barbell as they demonstrate bench-press set-up and technique.Assistance exercises such as box squats, glute-ham raises, and reverse hyperextensions get used often.You see more explosive lifting and very-low rep sets.

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Overloading the lockout then, which occurs with bands and chains, has your muscles work harder in a weak position. This also casts doubt upon partial rep training, another typical powerlifting technique.

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