Accomodating web pages for the deaf

When collecting feedback, ask users what type of adaptive technologies they use.

This will allow you to cater your website to your particular clientele, and will help you appoint resources toward the best compliance options.

This resource introduces how people with disabilities, including people with age-related impairments, use the Web.

Web developers need to keep this in mind when creating websites.Thank you for visiting the web pages of Zambia Deaf Baptist Ministry.We believe that the deaf are equally important to God as are all other people.Mission: We identify and serve the individual educational needs of each Deaf and Hard of Hearing student in order to promote independence and success in his/her community.Vision: We commit to meeting individual student's needs by providing a continuum of services.

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It's wise to do trial runs with as many of the most popular screen readers available: Development tools and tutorials exist to help web designers meet compliance standards and go beyond to offer disabled users an enjoyable experience (and keep them coming back).

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