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When you will input this information, the calculator will generate the answer.If you want to calculate your gestational age, then add two weeks to the answer.A conception calculator estimates the day you had sex which led to pregnancy and also due date of arrival of your baby.In case a woman had sex with multiple partners she can find out the father of the child.The crown to rump ratio is the measure of the growth of the baby.Doctors use ultrasound during pregnancy to measure the length of the embryo.It needs the length of your menstrual cycle and the first day of last period. Certain factors release in blood after fertilization occurs.

But she will estimate the due date based on ultrasound and rely on it.You have to add 266 days to the first day of the last menstrual period.Doctors calculate pregnancy by taking two weeks extra including the ones before ovulation.A gestational age calculator will make the work easy for you.When you calculate conception date, you need to consider the usual length of your cycle.

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Special cases of having longer or shower cycles require extra steps. Once you use an online conception calculator, it won’t matter.

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