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For most versions of Windows, that’s in the Control Panel System Device Manager.

A yellow exclamation mark on the webcam indicates your issue is a resource conflict with another device.

I myself might manage to decipher the inclusive emojis, screen shots, split screen, and many more unnecessary changes , and I will definitely be in demand to explain it to my parents and other more senior friends. The old adage of “If its not broken why fix it “ comes to mind.

Even though your webcam video is displayed, don’t celebrate yet! Your webcam software may have a special configuration for sharing video to Skype.

Or it may require permission for any external application to use it.

It’s a good computer habit to keep your drivers updated.

But, if this doesn’t solve the video problem in Skype, then you should double check your Skype video settings to be sure that they’re set up properly.

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When you have Skype open, click on the three-dot icon to open the menu and select Settings.

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