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That's when I noticed everyone starting especially Penny, I think if done enough good in my life to say that I loved seeing her look so stupid.I mean Percy looked like a god and I would know."Let's go Percy" he nodded.

Laughing through the night when Percy walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye three times and said I love you before going home.

I was working on her designs for New Olympus in her dorm room.

Frustrated with the amount of statues I had to design.

He looked at me and said "We are here" I stared at him waiting for him to continue but he just kept walking towards the river."So are you going to answer? Immortality would only be great if I was spending forever with you."I smiled and kissed him it was the only way I could tell him how much that meant to me."You do know that this life won't be picnic there will be monsters, and fights maybe with gods or their enemies, right?

"He nodded we sat down on a rock as he stared out to the water he started "my dream has come true Annabeth the reason I said no to immortality was because I wanted this."Huh "What do you mean Percy" he looked me in the eye and said "Immortality would mean I would be stuck helping the gods fix their problems forever, but now I can have a life with my family, friends and most importantly the girl I love."My heart was melting. "He nodded "But as long as I have you we can face anything we watch each other's backs Annabeth."Even for a seaweed brain he can be really sweat.

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