Anthropomorphic dating behavior

Yes, I know you were dying to major in arts, but your family would rather see you engineer the shit out of things. I am pretty much an expert at finding excuses, just like Kanye West, and that’s what I’m good at.Yes, yes you really wanted to go live in an exotic land but your friends or your beau tied you down emotionally. Well, I don’t know how you’ll take the news, but sorry there is NO ONE to blame other than you. Yes, he has been shitty, but it’s your duty to pull yourself together.I don’t mean to say that the past should play no role at all, after all it is there for us to learn from and build upon. Speak your goddamn mind or you will end up bearing those thoughts on your shoulders for the rest of your life, not the other way around.Yet, as beautifully put in , it is “Just a story we tell ourselves.” It is not necessarily our life story. Let’s say you told a person everything going through your head and they literally gave zero fucks. It doesn’t matter how the other person chooses to react.

I hope you do a better job following my advice than I do.Always choose the high road, always try to improve, not sabotage.In my opinion, this point is unfortunately better understood when you lose a loved one.I am sometimes a control freak and may even cry in shame and secretly if I miss a bus I have decided to take going to Taksim or whatever. *** I am well aware that all these look pretty easy written down, but they are pretty hard to apply.Don’t assume I do, I constantly forget these and end up staring out of the window, shooting a music video, playing Anathema’s “Lost Control” through my speakers.

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