Are you dating a pathological liar

You could buy that – life is full of surprises – but you realize there are many mixed facts and doubtful details in the story.

Pathological liar traits: Being friends with or dating a pathological liar, not to mention being married to a pathological liar, can be really challenging or even cause a psychological trauma.

It’s difficult to impossible to eradicate this shortcoming, so you might want how to deal with a pathological liar – expose or turn a blind eye. Men and women lie differently and for different reasons. Lying is their response to any question, even the simplest one.

Sometimes they lie for the sake of lying, not to conceal some fact.

It’s important to distinguish between chronic, ordinary, and pathological liars.

Chronic liars lie for the sake of their own interest or to flatter someone.

The reality in which your friend or partner exists is far from the real life.

What if it’s your behavior that makes him resort to concealing the truth? Already in their childhood, men learn that it’s better to lie to gain time rather than be punished right away.

” You won’t notice any disappointment or anger in his voice.

But if he gets angry and gives some rude remarks, you’re dealing with a liar who can’t stand indifference to his “stories”.

Especially, when it comes to their relationships with women.

If you’re married to a pathological liar, you know what it’s like. This is one of the social skills we acquire in childhood, and we use it throughout our life.

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