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In some cultures and time periods, special projectile points were clearly not created for a working use at all.

These can be elaborately worked stone objects such as the so-called eccentrics or created for placement in a burial or other ritual context.

The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowhead Identification Online Database showcases over 60,000 photographs - all of which have been included in the Indian Arrowheads Identification and Price Guide Ed.

The best book I've seen on arrowhead identification is OVERSTREET IDENTIFICATION AND PRICE GUIDE TO INDIAN ARROWHEADS, by ROBERT M.

Having a large, heavy stone atl atl projectile point on a small arrow would effectively force the arrow to suddenly dive once released Sort of like having a duck with a five pound head trying to fly.

Brechen Sie das Eis und sprechen Sie über Gemeinsamkeiten, die Sie im Profil entdeckt haben. Overstreet and Arrowheads and Projectile Points written by Lar Hothem.Viele davon erzählen uns ihre persönliche Liebesgeschichte. An arrowhead, on the other hand, was tiny in comparison, and light. NOTE: EARLY DATES ARE GIVEN IN "BP" or before present date, later cultures adhere to the classic dates "BC," before Christ.These catch on grass and debris to prevent the arrow from being lost in the vegetation.Many traditionalist archers choose heads made of modern high carbon steel that closely resemble traditional stone heads (see Variants).These hafted points might have been launched from bows.

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