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If there are no errors, the method saves the new movie in the database.In our movie example, the form isn't posted to the server when there are validation errors detected on the client side; the second method and verify the method is never called, client side validation will not submit the form data when validation errors are detected.(It also contains formatting attributes like Data Type that help with formatting and don't provide any validation.) Now update the attribute sets the maximum length of the string, and it sets this limitation on the database, therefore the database schema will change.Right click on the Movies table in Server explorer and click Open Table Definition: In the image above, you can see all the string fields are set to NVARCHAR (MAX). Build the solution, and then open the Package Manager Console window and enter the following commands: attributes indicates that a property must have a value; but nothing prevents a user from entering white space to satisfy this validation.This keeps the code very clean, and makes it easy to maintain and evolve.

Data Annotations provides a built-in set of validation attributes that you can apply declaratively to any class or property.

For example, the following code will always display a client side validation error, even when the date is in the specified range: You will need to disable j Query date validation to use the Range attribute with Date Time.

It's generally not a good practice to compile hard dates in your models, so using the Range attribute and Date Time is discouraged.

The form data is not sent to the server until there are no client side validation errors.

You can verify this by putting a break point in the HTTP Post method, by using the fiddler tool, or the IE F12 developer tools.

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