Baby consolidating naps to one nap

Consolidating from two naps to one is a major physical and psychological transition, with almost all children passing through the “one nap is too little, two naps is too much” phase.

All we can do is try to make the transition as smooth as possible, although even in the best case scenario, your child may suffer from crankiness and disruption for two or three weeks.

Also, babies who get efficient naps during the day tend to sleep better at night.Your baby is likely to sleep longer if you put her down to sleep just before these sleepy signs appear. Pick two times of the day when are the most tired and as close as possible to your baby’s tired times as you learned from the nap chart.Fifteen to twenty minutes before the usual tired times, rock, nurse, or feed her down for a nap. Curl up in bed with your baby next to you and enjoy napping together.Many parents will let their twelve-month old take a two or three hour nap in the morning.The child will then refuse to sleep in the afternoon (due to the long morning nap), and never make it until bedtime without a melt down.

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Since you are probably a bit sleep-deprived (as most mothers of new babies are), co-napping helps you make up for sleep debt that you lose at night. Dim the lights, pull the shades, turn on soothing music, and turn off the phone ringer. This nap-enticing scenario is called a : baby recognizes these changes in her environment as the prelude to naptime. As soon as your baby shows sleepy signs, snuggle her into a soft carrier and wear her around the house while you do simple jobs.

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