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Their nails are very soft while in utero, once delivered they begin to harden.

Typical clipping is not recommended as the very tip of the finger, under the nail, is clear and very easily goes unseen and gets clipped or bitten off by the parents.

With all of the pressures that come along with preparing for labor, you don’t want the hospital bag to be one of them.

Preparing ahead of time and avoiding extra stress is a key element to a happy and healthy delivery process.

Pick a day that you have some free time and prepare the essentials.

Check your hospital and physician’s policy on photography and videoing during the delivery. Bring a pair of soft, comfortable socks or slippers for walking on the tile and for keeping warm in your hospital bed. You might prefer some type of slip-on shoes such as flip-flops, or house shoes.It is also common to bring pictures of loved ones who can’t be there for the special event and door signs that display the theme of the baby’s room.Most hospitals and staff welcome flameless candles, plug ins, special blankets, pillows, diffusers, lightening, birthing balls, massage materials and music. For so many reasons: Easy access to the time, (it can be easy to lose track of), to contact relatives and loved ones, document the day, etc.Look out for the weather temperature ahead of time.To stay on the safe side, bring warm clothing such as mittens, a hat, and a sweater.

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