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While the previous Word Press content editor, Tiny MCE, was intuitive and straightforward, it was also very simplistic and limited in its options.

As the digital market for easy to use web builders grows, it is essential that Word Press take steps to update its core and provide a better user experience.

Many online businesses, web designers and developers are concerned with the new release coming relatively close to the US and global holiday season.

The Word Press 5.0 release is not an auto update allowing website owners and webmasters the option to choose when to upgrade to 5.0.

Another way to prepare for the 5.0 release is to install the Gutenberg plugin and use the 4.9.8 version of Word Press (Pro-tip: Make a backup of site files and database before updating Word Press and installing new plugins).

Bebo brings a distinctly new user-experience to Word Press and the edge needed to compete with the various drag and drop builders on the market.

Check out more information about what currently is available with the Bebo editor!

Version 5.0 was officially released on December 6, 2018.

The 5.0 release with its focus on media, will enhance usability while providing for dynamic content and mobile responsiveness.

The Word Press 5.0 incorporation of a block-based editor presents a whole new experience in creating content and layout within pages and posts.

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Word Press is a robust content management program that is used to create websites.

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