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Despite himself being racked by irrational feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety, he usually managed to hold it together in public and amongst friends.

It was when we'd arrive home from the pub that he'd occasionally cry uncontrollably, before putting on some Ian Dury and asking me to dance around his bedroom with him. Shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and began taking medication, but it was too late for "us".

We all need good boundaries and self-care, otherwise we are supporting other people from a place of not really wanting to, and it will just bring bitterness to the relationship.Occasionally, bipolar symptoms can appear in children.Although the symptoms come and go, bipolar disorder usually requires lifetime treatment and does not go away on its own.I didn't know my ex-boyfriend was suffering from manic depression until about a year into our relationship.I had largely attributed his erratic behaviour to moments of drunkenness, stress and tiredness and at times I felt like my own behaviour (being late, disorganised, and sometimes disengaged) might be to blame for his apparent moodiness and crushing anxieties.

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Everyone goes through normal ups and downs, but bipolar disorder is different. In manic episodes, someone might feel very happy, irritable, or “up,” and there is a marked increase in activity level.

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