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Notice how you now get a full list of the dates within the selected month, including the possibility to jump to previous and next months using the arrows in the top of the control.

The Calendar control will by default show the current month, but you can change this by using the Display Date property.Of course, if you don't want the ability to select one or several dates, you can set the Selection Mode to None.Now let's discuss how we can work with the selected date(s) of the Calendar control.You will probably notice from our first example that the Calendar doesn't take up all the available space.In fact, even if you give it a large width and height, the actual calendar part will still only take up the amount of space you see on the screenshot, and if you set either of the values very low, the calendar will only be partially visible.

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We'll use the Viewbox control for this purpose: Notice how the Calendar control now scales up to the point where it uses all the available space in the width.

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