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In the Philippines, it was used by the Spaniards during the Spanish colonial period (late 16th century-19th century) to the ethnic Malays.The use can become very derogatory if used in certain contexts, however.According to the Ferengi article, the root word may be Frank.(Japan) anybody not ethnic Japanese, though most widely used to describe whites and non-Asians. Less polite term for a foreigner than "gaikokujin", meaning roughly "outlander;" "gaijin" is closer to "outsider".(Venezuela) Natives from south-west Venezuela (the Andean region) mostly stereotyped as hard working, stubborn and dumb.It also refers to the characteristic Spanish accent of people from the Venezuelan/Colombian Andes, or may be used in a derogative way to refer to someone that acts stupid.(Hong Kong and South China) A White man. Gweilo is loosely translated as "foreign devil."[7] Once a mark of xenophobia, the word was promoted by Maoists and is now in general informal usage.[8](Japan) Lit.Coined in colonial times meaning "hungry people" as newcomers were always looking for food, and usually hungry.Somewhat derisive but also the general word for white people in use in Halkemeylem today.Two theories exist attributing origin of expression to 1965 when U. Paraguayan soldiers had bowl or mushroom haircuts and people found them odd.

Used primarily in the states north of Mexico City (Coahuila, Guadalajara, Durango, Chihuahua, etc.).Meaning 'mutt' or 'without pedigree' used in Japanese condescendingly in reference to non-Japanese, who are not one 'pure' race, but rather, mixed-race. It is considered an insult and quite derogatory, but Koreans use the term quite loosely.(Paraguay) Argentine or person of Argentine descent.The word is a Guaraní word meaning "pig-skin" that originated during the War of the Triple Alliance between Paraguay and Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, in which Argentine soldiers wore pig-skin coats. Although 'malakas' literally means "one who masturbates" in Greek, the word is very commonly used in a daily, semi-joking basis among friends and peers, to the point of becoming associated with Greek communities and Greeks worldwide, apart from being the most common Modern Greek word worldwide.(Malaysia & Singapore) a White person; believed to be derived from mad sailor.Gwei means "ghost." The color white is associated with ghosts in China. "strange foreigner" A foreigner who has a deep interest in Japan and its culture or language etc, and thus attempts to master it (to no avail, as the Japanese do not traditionally believe foreigners can ever fully understand the Japanese spirit) Not necessarily derogatory.(Canada, U.S.) In the Halkemeylem language and dialects of the Georgia Strait, Fraser River and northern Puget Sound, a white person or any non-native.

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