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Mr Elliott's language skills, leadership and knowledge of Indonesian culture also helped facilitate cooperation between police investigators at the bomb site.

Mr Kirk Coningham (Australian Embassy Jakarta) and Ms Elizabeth O' Neill (DFAT Canberra) will each be awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia (OAM) for their work with the media in Bali.

After all the territories in the South had died, Brad Armstrong and his brothers became the born losers of WCW under the "Armstrong Curse" and worked with the company until a knee injury sidelined him until his contract expired in 2001.

Brad Armstrong was a strong worker who travelled around the Southeast for twenty years and though many remember him as simply a solid hand in WCW, Brad was usually a top talent in the territories he wrestled in.

They supported the evacuation of the wounded and assisted families in their efforts to trace missing loved ones in the immediate aftermath of the bombings.

Warrant Officer Julie Willes will be awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal for outstanding service in helping with the evacuation of the wounded to Australia, by facilitating the entry into Indonesia and handling of RAAF aircraft.

Increasing organizational agility, performance, and outcomes for product and eng teams! Have loved working with Jeff, Nolan and the @pinpoint_sw team. It's a tribute to the trust we've built with @Atlassian over the last few years, and an indication of the future we're creating for our mutual customers.

From CEOs to the myriad folks in both companies who worked tirelessly to make this happen, this is what true partnership looks like.

He returned to WCW several times in the 90s with various bad gimmicks and was mainly a exceptional undercard worker.I will take the opportunity to thank these officers, not only for their service to Australia and Australians in the aftermath of a human tragedy, but also for their personal dedication, leadership and commitment to their fellow human beings.Dr Brad Armstrong (Australian Embassy in Jakarta) will be awarded the Public Service Medal (PSM) for his work with Indonesian and Australian Police.When startups think a partnership with some big company will be the silver bullet that makes them grow, they're usually mistaken. Slack is the fastest-growing business application in history, and we'll join Slack's mission to make work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. Learn more at🚀 Shout out to all of the Atlassians who worked their asses off building Stride Hipchat⚡️ We built a great product. @stewart @mcannonbrookes @scottfarkas @Slack HQ @Atlassian HQ/status…What makes you grow is building amazing things and making customers love you. I’m deeply grateful for every effort, big and small, that every Atlassian contributed. A groundbreaking, complex partnership, yet remarkably smooth in formation and execution.

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Following his time in WCW, Brad Armstrong worked several jobs, including one with the WWE, while doing some independent wrestling on the side.

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