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not many squaddies in there though the ones that were were nice eye candy with bulging muscles though no interest in me as my bump looks huge in my baggy t shirt! when i was on the bench doing my arm weights i was checking out the hige bump in the mirrir! Am really feeling it in my muscles today, after my workout yesterday!

Not doing anything today - sitting here eating a big bowl of porridge!! Bethoo, I like the sound of your gym with the squaddies!! Mummyp - yes i have another cat too, she is more elusive though last night i was sat on the end of the bed and she was tapping me on the shoulder so i had to sit her on my lap for a stroke and then one of the dogs had ot come and try and squeeze his big head on my lap too.

I am rubbish and therefore run around much more than he does. Was pleased it was as much a 5lb because I have just started taking the pill and thought it might affect my weight.

Went this morning and did 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes rowing machine and 30 minutes cross trainer. would have done some leg weights but the weights room was filled with squaddies so was a bit embarrassed.

I think you can do sit up type things on a gym ball, she says rather vaguely. Off out tonight though so unlikely to feel like it tomorrow. Pecka - you can do sit ups on the ball but you can also use it as an office chair when you are mumsnetting and it works your core muscles to strengthen them! The very annoying gym instructor demonstrated this by getting me to sit on a chair with legs crossed and then to try to do same on ball - impossible. Saturday went for a walk, but ended up in the pub, which meant Sunday was a date on the sofa. Today I experimented with it and looked like a fish, but my heart rate never went above 159, which is my maximum, before it would go to 178 sometimes. the gym staff always ask if i am ok, i think they are worried that i will go into labour on their duty! do not know if i will be able to take baby with me! Anyway, once in the gym, I walked on the treadmill for 5 mins, then went into a jog, and notched it up to a run. Then I did 15 minutes on the stepper, then some upper body weights, and some abdominal work on the swiss ball. Felt really good for getting back there, going again on Friday. Can now manage 30 mins on cross trainer which I am happy about.I went to the gym this morning and did, 20 mins on bike, 10 mins on cross trainer and, er, 2 1/2 mins on stepper. To continue to bore you with my progress - I went out with 2 yr old on back of bike yesterday afternoon for 1 hours ride, will go to gym tonight after work. Yesterday I went for a walk to the supermarket, and this morning I was supposed to go swimming, but I think I have PMT so am feeling less perky. Then did 20 minutes on the treadmill, fast walking on an incline.I am walking to the coffee shop this arvo [an hour away] to meet a friend. Back in the gym tomorrow afternoon though, so will hopefully get my mojo back. Then about half an hour of weights - I can really feel it today! My davina box set came today so hoping to fit that in later then back to the gym tomorrow. went to the gym again last night and managed to get into the weights room!After about 6 mins of jogging, I got stitch, which sometimes happens, and is really annoying, so I abandoned the treadmill, and went and did 15 mins on the sit-down bike (can't remember the correct name for it.) Then did 20 mins on the cross trainer, then some upper body and leg weights, abs work on the swiss ball, then home.well i will not be able to make it to gym tonight as it closes early and will not make it in time as still at work.

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