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: D) Entropic Lqd: It's a good job I'm working on something so dull that it makes my brain want to crawl out of my head and escape screaming then. Naturally, that would be dependant on precise network replication. I couldn't quite tell from this, and I have often seen where the game will only do rough interpretations of a players action, so I'm not quite sure if it would work. This page needs Property, Function, Event and State definitions.

Olympus Mons: Added properties and structs, might want to check it for typo's : P, straight from the source. Of the part of the overview that remains here, should it be moved under the class info?

;) I couldn't find Server Change Voice Chatter() or Server Get Voice Chatters() in UT200x.

Olympus Mons: added part of a class tree for easier navigation and fixed a few typos :) Xian: Can someone please tell me the difference between Get Player Network Address() and Get Server Network Address() please? Also, what are Get URLProtocol(), Check Speed Hack(), Client Validate() and Server Validation Response() for?

The other thing I've started doing is prefixing the class name with the package it's contained within. Putting in the package name is useful i think, makes it easier to see where the stuff being looked at is.

Entropic Lqd: Hmm, I'll do what I can but I don't want to make the page too long. Entropic Lqd: I wish Tim Sweeny would take a look at this and add a bit of in depth knowledge. In referance to the code at the end, could it be that it's used for when a bot replaces a client?

Running costs for the camera's are high, we pay for the fibre lines for each cams, all the bandwidth and the back end server costs all add up.

This Patreon will help keep the camera's online as well as help fund additional cameras in the future.

:) (I expect you to work all of Thanksgiving on this! Psycho Sk8r: I'm looking to make a new gametype for UT2004 based on direct control of a katana for combat. Controller Overview issues belong at Controller Overview.There are also handling functions in there for force-feedback events and support for more console commands than you can shake a stick at.Entropic Lqd: Anyone have any preference on what gets covered in Player Controller?I'll do the third person view and first person view functions.Might spend some time figuring out which events a player controller actually does recieve before the Pawn event. Chazums Other than as much as possible / relevant, not really : D .

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