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May Masturbation Month [276] Did you know May is National Masturbation Month? We're calling on you "adult" writers to help us out here. Use this fandom in addition to the regular fandoms. As with all my poems and drabbles anyone is welcome to add to or make into a story. Disclaimer : Mine Archive : yes if you want take just let me know that's all I ask and I'm easy too Summary : none Spoiler : none Fandoms: I don't put any fandom as I think ( and I could be wrong )that my poems will fit anyone of them.

It makes my muse happy to share Spoiler : None Beta : None Feedback is good I like feedback Pairing : none Rating : none Author Note's : Any and all drabbles and poems I send out would make me and my muse happy if anyone would like to add to it or make a story of it or just make a WP. A/N : This is for all you girls out there ( hey I like to share my pain ) Feedback: Is good I like feedback and it makes my muse dance and chase plot bunny's Fandom: Of The Blood - vampire clan - original Rating: FRAO Warning: m/m, language, vampires, incest Disclaimer: MINE! Summary: Marcian is mesmerized by Michael's dancing Submitted through the PWP_Fanfic mailing list.

Dear Diary - Thought Of The Day [1] For those who would like to make daily entries about anything and everything.

Sort of a 'thought of the day' where folks can just weave the words on their mind.1. Folklore And Fairy Tales [0] Consists of legends, music, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, fairy tales, stories, tall tales, and customs included in the traditions of a culture, subculture, or group.

Please do not confuse it with the "Dirty In Your Eyes" drabble. Before the question of belief can be answered, magic must be defined...

Feed back I heard it's a good thing sorry all just had a blue mood hope you all like This is a story of vampires and lycanthropes, demons and goblins, faeries and ffey.

Pairing : None Rating : None Author Note's : As with all my drabbles and poems if you want to make a story or just add a little bit go for it. Disclaimer : It's mine Archive : If you want take it just let me know Summary : I sent this one out before went back and add one more line to it.

And had some really great story's come from it lets see what you all can do with it ( if you want that is ) Spoiler : None Feedback is good I like feedback Challenge words:heaven, hell, yesterday, tomorrow, endless, death, dream, desire, delight, despair Acknowledgments: Thank you to Luba who supplied the challenge words.

Writers interested in adopting and finishing a fic for an author, please contact the author for finalization of the adoption. Pairing: Pick one....the Fandom statement or just read the fic. Submitted through the Mortal Kombat Fic mailing list.

Remember primary authors have the right to approve the story if they wish and to be kept in the loop as much as they desire...after all it was their baby first. Fandom: None Mentioned/Fantasy Genre: Slash Archive: Beyond Canon, WWOMB Synopsis: Two lovers are walked in on by the delivery man. AN: III No sexually transmitted diseases in this universe, so no condom usage. Permission to archive: if you really want it Fandom(s): Original Genre: horror Rating: g Summary: got to change with the times Warnings: not proof read by anyone but me.

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