Catholic dating in an oversexed world

He is a young entrepreneur btw, with many hours of his life dedicated to growing his company.

He just throws the issue over the shoulder with replies that work has been very stressful.

At 57 I still get dripping wet just thinking about sex!

I will never remarry and there seems to be an endless supply of young men willing to help me.

Ladies, keep yourself in good shape to be attractive and the guys will keep asking you out and do not depend on one man to take care of your needs. Your letter openly reveals the actual reality of those fortunate women with a high sex life and how you deal with it in your daily living. Mikkiemost men claim to be oversexed till they meet a woman who enjoys sex, then they cant keep up, ie 2/3 times a nite, there are some out there however who can and to have a satisfactory sex llife you will need to find one of them, otherwise u will end up like a lot of us and have to substitute with masturbation, which i find happening more and more in my marrige, I think i have worn the poor guy out but dont want to lose him as we still have it good when we have it, it goes back to the old saying " he was once very good, now he is very good once" definately dont let up, enjoy your orgasms, and endulge in self pleasuring if that is what it takes to be with the man u love,flutterby Reply to flutterby like the previous respondent said: bull.

As a 68 year old male with a similar drive, I am fortunate to have a 64 year old female partner who delightfully matches my daily needs. I am an oversexed female myself and you shouldn't be made to feel guilty because you derive pleasure from intercourse.

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