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Except the idea of this deviance manifesting as a criminal action, the social tolerance given in the example of the child is quickly withdrawn against the criminal.Crime is considered one of the most extreme forms of deviancy according to scholar Clifford R. What is considered "normal" is relative to the location of the culture in which the social interaction is taking place.Over time, however, if a member continues to disobey, the group will give up on him as a lost cause; while the group may not necessarily revoke his membership, they may give him only superficial consideration.If a worker is late to a meeting, for example, violating the office norm of punctuality, a boss or other co-worker may wait for the individual to arrive and pull him aside later to ask what happened.Norms also can be changed contingent on the observed behavior of others (how much behavior is exhibited).Social norms can be thought of as: "rules that prescribe what people should and should not do given their social surroundings" (known as milieu, sociocultural context) and circumstances.

whereas with formal or informal development of norms may take longer.Individuals may also import norms from a previous organization to their new group, which can get adopted over time.Without a clear indication of how to act, people typically rely on their past history to determine the best course forward; what was successful before may serve them well again.In the sociological literature, this can often lead to them being considered outcasts of society.Yet, deviant behavior amongst children is somewhat expected.

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