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He has done well to remain fairly active both on the small and big screen, lending his voice to a number of animated characters along the way. Read on as we take a detailed looki at his life before and after fame.Chris Pine was born Christopher Whitelaw Pine on the 26th of August 1980 in Los Angeles to a family of actors.Read Also: Jose Baston Bio, Wife, Divorce, Children, Family, Net Worth Chris Pine has never addressed his sexuality publicly but questions were asked about it when with much excitement, he supported the coming out of Sulu (John Cho) in Pine couldn’t hide his excitement about the development declaring how proud he was to be part of a project that embraced positivity.

He says he believes in a higher power and the energy you put into the world is the same that comes back to you.Besides his love for acting, Chris also enjoys speaking Spanish and driving classic cars. Chris is a pretty closed book when it comes to politics.No one knows whether he is a Democrat or Republican. Some of the ladies he has dated before are Zoe Kravitz, Iris Bjork, Amanda Frances Horne, Dominique Piek, and Jasmine Waltz. And he's the rare A-list star comfortable enough in his masculinity to take a backseat to a woman, or, more specifically, Wonder Woman.(He plays Gal Gadot's boyfriend in 2017's most anticipated superhero flick.) So where did this modern god come from? There's not too much time to think about anything else. Especially being in London [shooting], you can go anywhere. But most recently, I took this lady I was dating at the time over to Liberty—this great department store in central London—and told her to pick out something, and we had a great day. At the time, I was in love with these girls and that's how it works.

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