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At Compatible Partners, we deliver more than gay and lesbian personal ads.We get to know you personally through our online Relationship Questionnaire.They help us learn about others and ultimately ourselves. Online friendships, while certainly valuable in many ways, lack the ability to provide us with opportunities for deep and lasting emotional closeness. How influential are our online “friends” able to be if we do not maintain a real-life relationship with them? Real-life relationships are unmatched for emotional and physical closeness.

Should we be concerned about a trend toward developing online network connections instead of nurturing face-to-face relationships?We offer a diverse pool of gay singles of all ages, races and religions.Among our most popular demographics are: gay Christian singles, gay Jewish singles, black lesbian singles, and senior lesbians.Many question the superficiality of such “friendships,” which often leave one frustrated, lonely and struggling to connect on a deeper, more emotionally meaningful level.And there is concern that individuals might forego their real-life interactions in order to maintain online communication.

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