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I've posted similar posts in different sites and I got replies from people with similar problems (Windows Update not downloading and 100% time active disk) and they said it was fixed automatically after a while so I'm hoping the same happens to me. If you leave Windows Update open "doing nothing" you can check in Resource Manager that is not downloading, however it's constantly doing things in that folder.

In all this time I was always seeing the 0Kb downloaded, so if you're having this error I suggest you to take a look in Resource Monitor, if the folder called Software Distribution is constantly being accessed to when you're "downloading the updates" then just leave it on for a while (this may be hours depending of the amount of updates) and it will start installing eventually.

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Windows 10 automatically installs updates, including new versions of hardware drivers.

I want to have my laptop updated and I don't mind metro apps really but the biggest problem is that this is causing a 100% disk usage problem.

If I boot up in safe mode I don't have this disk issue.

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When I open the Resource Monitor in safe mode those folders and files are not accessed therefore I can confirm that the disk problem is due to Windows Update malfunctioning.

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