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Once you have clicked on that, you can see that your formula has been added to all the references.

Step 7 Now an important part is, since our data is based on the category and the category is left column in the selection, you need to check the Left column.

I have attached a sheet where I consolidated the information but I had to put data in every sheet for this to work properly.

I know the sheets have to be formatted the same but with the sheets formatted the same I can't get it to work with out values in range.

Hi, I currently have a spreadsheet where each employee has a separate worksheet, I then have a master sheet showing the overall totals for each project.

When I put all 0s where data goes, and then consolidate it seems to work fine.

So I thought of sharing how to consolidate the data in Excel, so that it will be more readable. You can see that some of the categories are repeating in that list. So that I can get an overview of how much money I have spent in each category, so let us do that. Step 2 Click on the adjacent cell below “Consolidated Category”, so that you can consolidate the data there.

Step 3 Go to Data and click on the tab Consolidate.

Step 5 Now click on the reference icon again as follows. Conclusion Please provide your valuable suggestions and comments.

Step 6 Please click on the Add button so that your formula can be used the next time also.

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