Consolidating sql servers best practices

Traditional database consolidation requires painful application migrations, and rigorous processes for version control and continued application compatibility.

Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on VMware v Sphere simultaneously consolidates databases and optimizes compute resources, while maintaining application flexibility by isolating each database in its own virtual machine.

See the results VMware customers are able to consolidate their databases by a ratio of 4X to 20X.

By consolidating, you not only reduce your hardware footprint, but also consolidate your expensive database licenses and realize tremendous cost savings on software.

For smaller, departmental databases, v Sphere offers high consolidation ratios and advanced resource scheduling features.

Make an exact, independent copy of any virtual machine in your environment with cloning.The copy can then be installed in a test environment for offline testing and troubleshooting.Share virtual machines with third parties such as consultants, other partners and vendors and eliminate the need to create a duplicate environment to reproduce problems.You can migrate SQL Servers in their current state without expensive and error-prone application migrations.We and our partners have demonstrated the capabilities of v Sphere to run the most challenging SQL Server workloads with high performance databases.

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With v Sphere, smaller SQL databases can be consolidated easily to fully utilize large servers and achieve consolidation ratios of 10X or more.

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