Control dating

If your partner is jealous and is always keeping track of you, there will often be a lack of trust as well.

When you tell your date that you were out with friends, a non-controlling person might not ask many follow-up questions.

While it is normal for couples to ask where the other person has been or what they were doing, a controlling person will take this behavior to the extreme.

Often the controller will call while you are away and ask excessive questions when you return.

His or her jealousy and asking questions may appear that your partner really cares about you.

It may even seem cute how often he or she checks up on you, for example.

If you breakup, the controller will have lost control and so temporary behavior changes are necessary to prevent this from happening.

Elle est vraiment mon âme sœur, nous avons déjà eu tant d‘aventures extraordinaires, des fois j’ai vraiment du mal à y croire… J'en avais assez d'être seul, cela faisait trois ans et il était temps de grandir! Je n'avais jamais fait quelque chose comme ça avant, donc je ne savais pas trop à quoi m'attendre.A controlling person's main interest is controlling you.So, while it may seem nice that your partner is always available, this can, in some circumstances, be a bad sign.All partners have issues they bring to a relationship.Someone may be jealous, for example, but not be a controller.

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