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Mona: Check in directly with your service provider for information. We’ve updated the article to include Japan’s statement about Huawei. Assisting China -will fully or forced- with spying, stealing other companies’ intellectual property.

Our Huawei coverage above mainly involves 5G network deployments. Now Huawei wants to temporary suspend spying and intellectual property stealing now that many recognize the horrible details of this company?

I live in Europe and I rather have my intel ending in China than in the US where they will be hacked by Russia … Actually I decided to buy new Huawei P30 Lite this month of June here in Philippines. Because I am thinking it might if it is not working cause of issues spreading about banning in some countries and I am worrying if after I bought my new phone here in Philippines it is not working in after a few months. Dear Gio, Mari, and other readers who inquired about Huawei smartphones in the Philippines: Channel E2E does not have first-hand information to share.

To be fair, I wouldn’t believe what either of those governments (US or China) says, because we all know it’s rigged and nothing more than a bunch of lies intended to sway our opinions to benefit them.

However, as you know, the Chinese government likes to constantly monitor the social media sites, and censorship is widely used (courtesy of the Great Firewall of China).

China is a safe bet if we have to believe everything US government says. This article from Rappler may provide some guidance to you.

But please note that we are not affiliated with that publication, and we have not directly confirmed the details/opinions contained in that article.

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