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Collect interesting things along the way such as leaves, flowers or rocks. Turn up the heat between you and your date while at the same time unleashing your inner bad girl (and a little stress, too! Don’t be scared if you have never tried it before — most ranges offer training on simple point and shoot guns for rookies.Explore your city through the eyes of a tourist by visiting historical landmarks, museums and food establishments.Ever found yourself in a verbal tennis match of “What do you want to do tonight?” …only to (once again) end up at dinner and a movie?Grab your camera and get ready to explore your city on this date.

This is a great way to connect with a date and detox from the day… Both you and your date should select your favorite childhood activity…Set a low price tag limit, say , and a time limit, say 30 minutes. This date gets you out of the city and into the country allowing for a fun mini-road trip. and you will have a bushel full of yummies with which you can — together or solo — make a pie!Split up with the mission of rejoining after having purchased your date that perfect something for them. Explore the wonders of nature around you by taking an explorer’s walk. For the seasoned pair (at least five dates in), try mastering all 36 of these kisses. Interpret it as you like, or do your homework to uncover its meaning: French Kiss, Sniff Kiss, Nip Kiss, Eskimo Kiss, Butterfly Kiss, Basic Kiss, Spiderman Kiss, Flavored Kiss, Vacuum Kiss, Fish Kiss, Tease Kiss, Candy Kiss, Ice Kiss, Firm Kiss, From Behind Kiss, Slow Motion Kiss, Opposite Kiss, Downward Kiss, Tickle Kiss, No Lips Kiss, Blow Kiss, Woodpecker Kiss, Lady and the Tramp Kiss, Shocking Kiss, High Low Kiss, Kiss on the Hand, Kiss on the Cheek, Kiss on the Neck, Kiss on the Fingers, Kiss on the Shoulder, Kiss on the Ear, Kiss on the Back, Kiss on the Navel, Kiss on the Nose, Kiss on the Eyes, Kiss on the Forehead.Be sure to include a note to the capsule’s future retrievers.It is said in dating, one should always trade up, well how about scaling up… That’s right, tap into your inner adventurer and try rock climbing on your next date — just don’t wear a skirt!

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A local park, beach or, my personal favorite, a high school football field is the perfect setting to absorb the wonder of the night above.

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