Cuckold chat camera

“So when was the last time your husband bought you lingerie?

” The question had come from Claire and was addressed to the group.

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Either this place didn’t have a dirty mind, the chef had a very dirty mind, or we were just feeling the effects of the champagne. Kinda sounds like lingerie to me.” Claire was loving this. When did you last get some sexy clothing from your well-connected man.” “Oh I got some this morning, he gave it to me and told me I had to wear it tonight. He would know that if he and my wife were to do anything, I would be present.In my mind this would remove any discomfort and awkwardness from the equation.After a couple minutes it was apparent that It was awkward for all of us, but none would admit it.After 30 minutes of making out, their shirts came off. for the next 10 minutes, she dry humped his leg to a violent orgasm.

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