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Internationally, Degrassi: The Next Generation has been highly successful in the US, where it is aired on channels such as Teen Nick, MTV, and ABC Family, as well as being aired in 140 countries.

Seasons six and seven featured titles with the actors breaking the fourth wall and facing the camera, over a montage of character videos from past seasons, saturated with blue color and gold outlines.The current executive producers are Schuyler, her husband Stephen Stohn, and Brendon Yorke.The series is filmed at Epitome's studios in Toronto, Ontario, rather than on the real De Grassi Street from which the franchise takes its name.The show moved from Much Music to MTV Canada on October 3, 2013. The show started off with reintroducing the character Emma Nelson from Degrassi High, where she was born to Christine (Spike) Nelson.In this series, Emma and her friends had entered Junior High and High School.

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