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When this more expansive definition is used, the odds of partnership are in your favor.

Demographers project that roughly three-quarters of Millennials and Generation Xers will ultimately marry by age 40, with higher rates for college grads yet lower rates for African Americans. What we look for in a partner changes as we get older, and that’s a good thing.

There are many reasons to look forward to middle age.

My family members just want her to get married because it's the normal thing to do at her age, not because she wants to or because she has found someone she likes.

Although the proportion of persons ages 25 to 34 who are married has plummeted, that doesn’t mean that they are alone for life.

Rising numbers of Americans are postponing marriage until their 40s or 50s, while others are living with a romantic partner, although they may not legalize the relationship.

No doubt, two 20-something men sitting a few rows back were having a similar conversation about a potential date’s flawless figure.

This emphasis on a muscular physique, runway-ready body, or flawless skin tone becomes far less important with each passing year, and traits like good humor, kindness, and compatibility become more important. Well-intended friends often say to single people, “It’s a shame that someone as smart and attractive as you is alone.” This implies that people need a special trait or qualification in order to attract a love interest—and that if we’re alone, we must be doing something wrong. The search for a partner isn’t the same as a search for the "perfect" car or a job, although dating apps may make it feel that way.

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