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During lovemaking, Jason also avoided eye contact and intimate talk and would get up quickly to shower after they finished, leaving Laura confused about her desirability and his feelings for her.She felt she was doing something wrong or turning him off in some way, but his demeanor made it hard to talk to him about it.In fact, these kinds of relationships can traumatize you twice: once by the loss of a real relationship and emotional abandonment by this man you love, and also by the feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem his detachment creates.Whether it's intentional or not, emotional unavailability is a form of emotional abuse.

When you're in a romantic relationship, you expect it to deepen over time.

She felt proud to be on his arm, to be the one he wanted to spend his time with. She didn't want to overwhelm Jason with the strength of her feelings.

She didn't want to push him away and into the arms of someone else.

When she looked into his eyes, wanting to communicate the depth of her feelings without blurting them out, Jason always looked away uncomfortably.

After six months, he still hadn't said, “I love you,” or given her much of a hint about his feelings for her — except that he continued to see her, so that was something, right?

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