Dating antique desk

I have had Chloë Sevigny looking at rock T-shirts, Daryl Hannah, Gina Gershon eyeing up black lace bustiers, Kyra Sedgwick, and even Pauly Shore in my booth at one of these conventions in New York City.The most enormous thrill was when I spied Elvis Costello buying a traditional “Stetson” fedora in another person’s booth.

And then I was lucky enough to take these items with me in exchange for the monies I helped her start her “Kitty Fund” with.That’s an added bonus to have the history of an item.This is what we call provenance, which can enhance the value of your inheritance.In this collection came numerous bouclé knit suits that were copies of “Coco” Chanel originals.I delighted in the sheer workmanship that went into the ribbon lace and knit ensembles that she kept for all these years even when she moved out of the state and back.

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