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A 24h pass, for instance, can be had for 4,70€ while a three-day-ticket will cost only 7€.” However, if becoming a regular member was just what you are looking for then there is good news.

Monthly rates start from just 14€ without any obligation to remain a member for the following month, that is.

Prices for a good bottle of local is the way to go.

After the Uprising of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto in 1943 the of 1944 is the largest armed uprising to ever take place on German occupied territory during the war.

Manly things at their best – this time from Warsaw, Poland. Now, we all know that Poland beats Germany hands down in a comparison of what both countries have to offer to the Single Man.

But what do you really know about Warsaw, Poland’s largest city?

From there you can reach the rooftop via stairs.” While a bottle of Dom Perignon is on-par with Western prices there is a mild cover charge of only 4,50 Euro, Bertrand points out.

“And with drinks setting you back just 6 Euros on average by the German army back in 1939 Warsaw has been confronted for more than half a century with either destruction or oppression.

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