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Personally, I'm wondering who should I date in 2019, and I think my zodiac sign might be able to give me a hint.After all, my zodiac sign helps me be mindful that I'm prone to jealousy, can carry a grudge like nobody's business, and can be a little too intense at times.

An adventurer will be confident, experienced, and able to match Aquarius' intellect and curiosity about the world.Once all the details are arranged, you might then start daydreaming about all of the wonderful things 2019 holds for you.Maybe you'll start a new job, make a new best friend, or fall in love!Maybe this is just a person who finishes the crossword faster than they do, or perhaps this is someone with whom they've had intense intellectual debates.Either way, that brainy stimulation might translate to a very passionate dynamic! Capricorn enters every situation fully prepared, and will tread carefully until they know they're safe and all is well.

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