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When pushed at volume, the G12H stands strong and will not compress like a G12H.So in the case of a comparison when played through it using guitar, a G12M will feel like it has "more bass" at volume which is actually compression, while a G12H will feel more solid and with more accurate bass response.There are also a plethora of other topic areas that we could cover in the future that go into depth about calculation of speaker and cabinet design, magnet types, cones, and how they each impact tone.But, for the sake of this primer, lets first offer a rundown of the most well known Celestion speakers that have each contributed to make up "The British Sound" over the years.

The G12M compresses at volume, which means it produces a blend of low end that feels musical, interactive with the guitar, as well as loose at times.

Like many amplifiers, the G12M, whether in early 20 watt or later 25-watt form has a "sweet spot" zone when pushed to moderately loud listening volume.

Fortunately for those that have limitations for volume output, the input sensitivity rating (which is related to a speaker’s efficiency, i.e.

The old adage, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" can definitely be applied to the topic of speakers.

Worn or mismatched speakers in wattage or impedance (ohms) are one thing, but different speaker designs also provide dramatic changes in tone and response for guitarists.

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And THAT basic tone character is what this article will describe from each of the various speakers.

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