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With half a century’s worth of history to its name, the Ralph Lauren brand is one of fashion’s most storied brands.

In an industry populated with European luxury labels, Lauren is one of just a few American labels with the business and prominence to hold its own around the world, with a selection that ranges from the affordable (Polo) to the truly high-end (Purple Label).

While Ralph Lauren gear spotted on university grounds is rarely anything beyond the standard Polo shirt bearing the horse logo on the chest, the “P Wing” sweater feels like it was ripped from ‘60s Ivy league track meets and brought into everyday wear.

Real Lo Heads will know that, while the American edition features a blue winged foot graphic (as seen on the Stadium Collection reissue), international editions are adorned with a red winged foot graphic.

A favorite among polo players as a casual outer layer to be worn in between chukkers (or periods), the coat was sported by players both during and after matches, eventually making its way into the stands as polo spectators became enamored with the look.

The polo coat quickly became popular among the Ivy League crowd, ultimately becoming a general menswear favorite thanks to camel hair's lightweight, but weather insulating, qualities.

A Ralph Lauren ad campaign regular, the original camel hair coat design has roots as outerwear for British officers in colonial India.

Even with the recent reissue, if you still can’t track it down, Noah’s winged foot gear could be a suitable modern day replacement.

The 1994 RL 2000 collection could be seen as a way ahead predecessor to the eventual Polo Sport RLX line that Ralph and company started in 1998 (and would expand and redefine—with a bend towards golf—in the mid-to-late 2000s).

The white skier that adorns the back of the jacket helped the piece earn its nickname, but as Lo heads and collectors looked back on Lauren’s design archive, the “ghost” nickname took on a new meaning; after 1994’s RL 2000 series, the brand slowly began to phase out its more ostentatious designs in favor of more “classically American” aesthetics.

The Polo Bear is one of the most diverse and well-travelled graphics within the Ralph Lauren catalog, with the shifting designs ranging from preppy bear, to one fully kitted out in RLX ski gear and our personal favorite, the bear in a tux holding a martini.

Along with the Snow Beach Parka, the Indian Head sweaters remain one of the most covetable Ralph Lauren designs.

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