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They do offer a way to upload your raw data from other companies for free, however, it's well hidden and hard to find on their site (you can access it here), you won't get your results until August 2018, and it's unclear what the results will include.

UPDATE: They now make the upload easy to find with a new link (the previous URL to apply for their "research" is still available though) and have published some details of the results you'll get.

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You can compare their breakdown of populations to other companies here.Living DNA are a British DNA company providing an ethnicity report (autosomal DNA) and a Y-DNA haplogroup (if you're male), and mt DNA haplogroup, for 9 (sales as low as are periodic though).It does not include matching with other testers, although the company says this will be coming in the future, for autosomal DNA (I suspect they're trying to build up their database of testers first).However, there's probably other locations I don't know about, plus, DNA can go back further than my tree.My Living DNA results within Great Britain include the This is not representative of Lancashire, but it does cover my other known regions, and then some.

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The free upload will include DNA matching with other Living DNA participants (called Family Networks), and the option to upgrade (for an undisclosed fee) for an ethnicity report.

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