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You cut off all your hair (preferably as the song “Naked As We Came” by Iron and Wine played melodramatically in the background) and you wore button ups and loafers. Anyway, the invisibility femmes experience is real. The desire for other queer women to identify you as kin (or a potential sex partner) is real. Luckily there are few photos cause i Phones weren’t a thing and my parents certainly didn’t want to commemorate that look with a Christmas Card.In fact, I knew I was gay because men didn't scare me. So if you're glorifying lesbian relationships and think being gay is easy, you're not a lesbian.They were easy to figure out, and I didn't care if a guy broke my heart. Sexual attraction and feeling intense feelings are NOT always simple.You just like the occasional romp with a lady, which is totally fine!

Flirting with someone you're attracted to will make the coolest girl a shrinking violet.

I once had a dear friend whose girlfriend I could immediately tell wasn't a lesbian.

She didn't have a trace of queer girl energy, but I'm not a dickhead, so I wasn't about to tell my friend, "Hey your girl doesn't have ~queer~ energy."Plus, I hoped I was wrong.

She was lonely, and lesbians make amazing, loyal, caring companions.

You can love the company of a lesbian, but if you don't want to devour her gorgeous, lesbian body, she's probably just a friend.

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Lesbians (and queer girls in general) love the vagina!

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