Dating gibson 68 les paul custom reissue

From a very good source, my early 69 has a "56/57 neck shape".

The heal shape is not quite the same as it is more of a D shape than a 50's C.

(Although, 1950's guitars have a rounded tenon end vs.       They were followed by what I refer to as a “transitional tenon”.

A “transitional tenon” is identical to the “long tenon” other than the fact that it does not extend underneath the neck pickup.

Basically the earlier guitars had their cavities routed BEFORE the maple cap was applied.

Later guitars were routed in the traditional 50's style AFTER the maple cap was applied.

      A great Joe Ganzler quote from the LPF, 1-15-2004: "I will still also concede that some of THE best Les Pauls I've ever heard and played were '68's that have been routed for 'buckers!

" ---- EDIT (from the author of this site): Although please people, don't start routing your guitars! They are pretty inconsistent, but generally could be considered larger-than-typical, 60's Gibson necks.

Information on cases is contained in the "Case Guide".Please consider shopping at our EU store or find a dealer who may be able to ship to your location.      The following is a description of features common to the entire era of LSLPs.I've already discussed some of these differences above.The primary difference lies in the body construction.

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The 1968 Les Paul Custom stood apart from its 1950s predecessors in a few significant ways.

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