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Here are a few of the things you can ask yourself to help figure out whether you and "The One" truly have a future together.If he is making an effort to fit you into his daily routines (and fold himself into yours), there's probably long-term potential there. Do you see him trying to incorporate you into his life?If you aren't happy, figure out if it's worth it to stay around."If you [aren't] getting what you want from the relationship, do something about it," says Richardson."If you can talk about it and get what you need, great.If you discuss it and things don't change, make a move."If you don't feel like it's right deep down, consider that a red flag.

Once he sees that bringing up ghosts from the past gets nothing out of you, he’ll stop mentioning it – it’s intended purpose is no longer being addressed.

Make sure a really passionate sex life isn't all there is to your relationship.

If you like to fool around just as much as he does, but want to be more than "If you two have a relatively regular texting schedule throughout the day or evening (like after you're out of the office), that's great," says Dolor.

Your gut will let you know whether this guy is the one for you."If you have to ask, chances are more likely that he's not moving forward at the pace you'd like to see for your future," says Jacqueline Nichols, owner of City Girl Matchmaking.

"You'll have to decide if you want to keep waiting to see what's possible."A lot of this decision comes from knowing yourself and knowing what you want.

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Marriage therapist Nicole Richardson says it's important to notice exactly how your man incorporates you into his life (or he does at all)."When someone sees a future with you, they include you in their day to day experiences," says Richardson. "When two people come together in a relationship, they should each be assessing how the other will work with their lifestyle in the long-term scenario."A guy who sees a future with you will want to introduce you to his social circle," says Dolor.

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