Dating old coke bottles

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In general, the glass manufacturers’ marks are usually seen on the base, but sometimes on the side or lower heel of the bottle.

Is the base indented with an irregular to round pontil scar?

This, and no mold seams, is another indication of a hand-blown bottle.

Lettering on the body will give clues to the contents and lettering on the base will give clues to the manufacturer. Is the bottle machine made and aqua- or light green in color? For example, glassblowers still make hand-blown bottles today.

Both require more specific research to refine the bottle's date beyond observation of technology. Aqua glass typically dates from the late 19th century to the 1920s. Bottles with a purplish or amethyst hue are made from manganese dioxide glass and date circa 1880 to 1920. Also keep in mind that bottles could have been used and refilled multiple times.

Contrary to popular belief a Coca-Cola bottle, even if it is decades old, is only worth a few dollars at most.

Check for lack of bubbles and uniform glass thickness.

This is another indication of a machine-made bottle. Most bottles with embossed lettering date from the late 19th century and later. Keep in mind that older technology often persisted and some bottles date later than you might think.

The Coke Cola bottler in Pensacola, Florida didn't switch and was forced to sell out in 1924. There were alot of error bottles in these two orders. The ferry stopped running in 1938, so it all makes sense. From reading here, it seems asking how mch a bottle may be worth, is considered poor form. One thing I really like about this forum is many have their own specialties and have done volumes of research on those specialties.

The switch actually happened in 1924 to the 1915 bottle. My friend that has a Coca-Cola bottle manufactured before the advent of the hobble skirt design, is trying to figure out it's worth. People ask values in this forum all the time, myself included. I think people do expect you to do a little of your own research first and check the easy sources like Ebay. If I can't find an answer after several searches on the internet, someone here usually can point me in the right direction.

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