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For comparative reference, here are several of the most common models, together with their principal dimensions.

The Junior, dressed in celluloid designs of marbled colors, Shadow Wave, Crystal, and the famous “Golden Web” (called simply by Parker), bore a plain gold nib, and gradually the gold nib appeared on striated pens such as the Major. Their attractive appearance and the fact that they are less common make plated nibs more desirable; and because the plating wears as the nib is rubbed to clean it, plated nibs in good condition are highly prized.

In a case of reverse fertilization, pens appeared that looked exactly like striped Duofolds except that they had Arrow nibs, Split Arrow clips, and stacked-coin cap bands.

They bear a Over the lifetime of the Vacumatic, Parker offered the pen in a broad array of colors; but not all of the colors were offered at the same time.

Advertising with the Vacumatic name began appearing in late September, and with that name change and some minor aesthetic tweaks, the stage was set for the birth of a legend. The burgundy Vacumatic Standard, made in 1934, has the remarkable barrel transparency that resulted from the use of colored rings that were made with transparent celluloid.

The black Major, made in 1945, has solid opaque colored rings, which point up the dramatic “optic” effect produced by the contrast between colored and transparent areas.

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The Parker Duofold Collection Epitomizes the highest quality in design, craftsmanship and modern technology.

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