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Astronomers had hoped that secondaries could be identified, thereby alleviating the confusion.

Not so; a new paper in indicates that many secondaries are very difficult to distinguish from primaries, because debris lofted up may go into orbit for years, falling down far away from the initial impact (distant secondaries).

So, toss another dating method into the dustbin, along with all its secondary impacts – the Late Heavy Bombardment, the age of the solar system (A. S.), relative events between solar system bodies and all the other mythoids* the moyboys** use to pretend they have gnosis about an unobserved history and can tell us all about it.

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Crater count dating would be straightforward if impactors of predictable size came in at a predictable rate within predictable rates of speed, were made of predictable materials and impacted a uniform surface material and left marks distinct from those of any other source.

Even correcting for known complicating factors, astronomers thought they could calibrate the “old” and “young” craters with radiometric measurements from Apollo samples.

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