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Does he catalog “in a pretty detailed / And comprehensive way the way(s)” he is more successful than you? If yes, it sounds like he is perhaps not the prize you make him out to be, that he may be neglecting a key part of his journey toward self-improvement.It strikes me as a huge red flag when you say, “every time I see him I end up feeling small.” It’s possible that part of the situation might also be your difficulty perceiving your own self-worth, which could be rooted in any number of things.I just wanted to live in a place where I can breathe.Can you share any poems that address losing someone you love because of hoarding?For you, I offer Rigoberto González’s “Casa,” a poem in the voice of an immigrant hoarder’s house, fed up: I am not a time capsule.I do not value pithy things like locks of hair and milk teeth and ticket stubs and promise rings—mere particles of dust I’d blow out to the street if I could sneeze.

Even when we pursue our mutual hobbies and interests together (even ones I know I’m quite good at), he somehow manages to surpass me in skill, making my achievements feel lesser.

Even though I love him so much, every time I see him I end up feeling small.

Do you have a poem for this feeling of love that dwarfs you?

"Richard Van Camp was hosting a class, and towards the end of the class he looked up …

and [was] like, ' I want you to write about the sacred orgasm,'" said Campbell.

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I am someone whose entire expertise in the world is concentrated into a tiny dot, poetry, way out in the margins of human interest.

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