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An eight-number system is applied here from 1971-2001 The first digit represents the year. The fourth and fifth numbers represent the day of the month.

The last three digits are the number of the unit (serial number) Because there is only one digit for the year, there are duplicates with this system because it repeats itself every decade.

From 1986-1990 the serial numbers have 1 letter followed by 4 digits.

In the period of 1991-1996 one used a 2 letter, 3 digit, then 1 letter system.From 2001 to present day YMMI changed its coding to a 3-letter, 6-number system in 2001. Presumably 1999 will be the same formula; I don't know what they'll do in the year 2000.The last 4 (instead of 3) is the number of the unit.(Serial number) In 2000 the system changes from 9 to 10 digits.The first 2 digits represents now the year, the rest is the same coding method. The first 2 digits are the day of the month and the last 4 digits are the unit number.(serial number) For example: HKP220234 This is the 234th guitar built on September 22, 2014.

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The first 2 letters represent the year in this case. The third letter represents the month according to the coding system. (serial number) The last letter is an internal factory code.

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