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Note that months and years are excluded due to the bad side-effects already mentioned elsewhere.4.

function subtract Time(int $days, int $hours, int $minutes, int $seconds){//notes for "add Time" also apply to this function but note that I like separate add and subtract functions because setting the Date Interval property flag to indicate add/subtract is not as intuitive for future coding.5.

function recharacterize Intervals(int $days, int $hours, int $minutes, int $seconds){ // I convert excessively large quantities of any one interval into the next largest interval using the 'int' function and modulus (%) operator.

I then use the result of this function when creating the string interval specification that gets passed when generating the Date Interval object for calling the date_add function (or object-method equivalent).**Results/goals...--any number of days/hours/minutes/seconds can be passed in to add/subtract Time and all of "Y/M/D/H/M/S" values get adjusted as you would expect.--using adjust Year/Month lets you pass /- values and only "Y/M" values get modified without having undesirable effects on day values.--a call to the "recharacterize" function helps ensure proper and desired values are in the intervals prior to calling date_add to let it do its work.

I'm talking about two issues: (1) the number of days in the month which varies from months 1-12 as well as for month 2 which could be leap year (or not); and then issue (2): what if there is the need to specify a large quantity of an interval such that it needs to be re-characterized into broader-scoped intervals (i.e. Examples in notes elsewhere in the docs for this function illustrate both issues and their undesired effects so I won't focus on them further. I've gone with four "public" functions and a single "private" function, and without giving you a bunch of code to study, here are their summaries...1.

A phone number ensures the security of your account: you can easily restore access to your email if you forget your password. In the window that opens, select a country and enter your phone number. An SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to the specified number. If the SMS does not come, make sure you entered the correct phone number, and then click “Haven't received the text message? If “Phone number not confirmed” stands next to a phone number, this means you have not entered the code from an SMS yet.*//* results:1383458399 1383458399 2013-11-03 EDT1383458400 1383462000 2013-11-03 ESTnoticed how the second column went from 1383458399 to 1383462000 even though only 1 second was added?*/ If you use fraction of seconds, you may have surprises.It only occurs when the sum of the floating point parts results in exactly 1 second (0.5 0.5 ou 0.3 0.7, for example).See these cases at intervals slightly bigger than 1 second: What you can do with this function/method is a great example of the philosophy: "just because you can do it doesn't mean you should".

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